Founded by a Silicon Valley Husband-Wife Team

When we decided to get married in 2011, we were fundamentally against including mined diamonds in the engagement ring that would symbolize our love forever. We instead created a custom ring that utilized laboratory-grown diamonds. The process was confusing and access to the stones was limited.  We decided to change that, and Ada Diamonds was born. You can read about our personal journey to build our engagement ring on Ada's blog.

We founded Ada as a luxury jeweler that helps others build beautiful, meaningful diamond jewelry that represents our clients' love in a kind and compassionate way. We have four core principles at Ada:

  • A passion for outstanding quality
  • An enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology
  • A pledge to give philanthropically with every sale
  • Most of all, the belief that fine jewelry must brighten the world, not merely the recipient's world

We believe that our diamonds represent the pinnacle of human achievement: producing a beautiful symbol of pure love from pure chemistry, as opposed to the stone age process of digging diamonds out of a massive hole in the ground.  We believe our diamonds are poetic science, a term coined by our namesake, Lady Ada Lovelace. We refuse to sell cubic zirconia, moissanite or any other inferior material. We only sell diamonds and ethically sourced precious metals.

Today, Ada Diamonds offers made-to-order jewelry with only the best human-created diamonds in the world. We invite you to read more about our values, explore our collection of designs, learn about our custom design process, and schedule a consultation with a member of our friendly Diamond Concierge Team.

-Jason & Lindsay