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Learn about a wide range of topics, ranging from how diamonds are grown, how custom diamond jewelry is produced, to misconceptions about lab diamonds promoted by the diamond mining industry.

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Ada Diamonds brightens the world with compelling, sustainable, and conflict free diamonds. Learn about our unique diamond concierge experience, founding story, and innovative partnerships.

Why it matters where it comes from

It Matters Where it Comes From

Discover why diamonds cultured in a laboratory are more pure, sustainable, and meaningful than Earth-extracted diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Want to Sell Your Lab Diamond?

We Buy Laboratory-grown Diamonds From the Public!

Ada Diamonds purchases laboratory-grown diamonds from private individuals. To see if your lab diamond is eligible for our Public Purchase Program, please submit the form below and we will respond within one business day. Specifically, we seek to purchase man-made diamonds that meet the following criteria:

  • Carat Weight: 1 carat or larger

  • Color: D, E, F, G, H, Blue, Pink, or Yellow

  • Clarity: SI1 or better

  • Independent Certification: IGI, GCAL, or GIA

  • Date of Purchase: More than 30 days ago

If you purchase a lab diamond from Ada Diamonds, it is automatically eligible for a better offer than diamonds purchased from another retailer.

Ada Diamonds does not purchase any precious metals, ungraded lab grown diamonds, natural (mined) diamonds, or any other gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, or emeralds.

Ada does not purchase diamond simulants including cubic zirconia (CZ), moissanite, etc. This includes ‘diamond hybrids’ & ‘nexus diamonds’ sold by Mia Donna, Diamond Nexus Labs, or Agape Diamonds.

Sellers must own the lab created diamond and provide unaltered proof of purchase from a U.S. retailer as well as the original grading report from GIA, GCAL, or IGI. We purchase diamonds graded by IGI New York, IGI Antwerp, & IGI Dubai. We do not purchase diamonds graded by IGI Mumbai.

Sellers must be U.S. residents acting in a personal capacity. If you are a lab diamond wholesaler seeking to work with Ada Diamonds, please email us at

Ada Diamonds Public Purchase Program Criteria

Contact Details

Diamond Details

Required Documentation

Please note— Ada Diamonds only seeks to purchase lab diamonds that match the criteria outlined above. If your submission is incomplete or your diamond does not meet our criteria, we will not respond to your inquiry.