Work with our design team to create compelling, sustainable pieces of jewelry for your most important loved ones and occasions. 


Celebrate love and your loved ones with Ada Diamonds. From her first pair of stud earrings to your 60th Wedding Anniversary, a gift of Ada Diamonds is a lifetime representation of the bond between you and your loved ones. 


Mark one of life's greatest achievements—parenthood—with the strength and beauty of an Ada Diamond. The Ada Diamond Additions collection features pieces that can be extended to accommodate additional gemstones, becoming more meaningful with each new addition to your family. Ada offers a rainbow of fancy colored diamonds perfectly suited for celebrating a baby girl or boy. 


Ada Diamonds are the best, brightest, and purest diamonds on earth. Start a new tradition of gifting lab-grown Ada Diamonds, and rest assured that your gift is not only beautiful, but is also contributing to a brighter, better world. Ada Diamonds donates 6% of pre-tax profits to causes that are the foundation of a better world, a gift that pays infinite dividends.