Ada Diamonds offers the world’s most brilliant, conflict free diamond jewelry. Most of Ada's fashion jewelry pieces are fully bespoke and made-to-order; however, we do stock ready-to-ship pieces for last minute gifting.

No mass-produced settings, no compromises. See something you love, but want to make a modification? Prefer a different shape, size or color? No problem. Consider these pieces inspiration for your own brilliant art.

Shop by Category

The Classics Collection

Endlessly versatile man made diamond jewelry to take you from the boardroom to the ballroom

The Delicate Collection

Ada Diamonds brilliance, delicate ready-to-wear designs

The LoveLock Collection

Brilliant, lab grown diamonds in a symbol of pure love and commitment

The Heavenly Collection 

Ada Diamonds beauty captured in halos of round brilliant, man made diamonds

The Marquise Collection

Stunning and exquisite, the Marquise collection features round, lab grown diamonds in brilliant, modern settings

The Karma Collection

The perfect blend of elegance, spirit, and soul

The 6th Element Collection

In celebration of Ada's Sixth Element Program, these hexagon-shaped pieces highlight a brilliant future

The Cosmopolitan Collection

For the world traveler and adventure-seeker

Want to create something truly one-of-a-kind? 

Ada Diamonds made-to-order jewelry is inspired by and tailored to our clients exacting standards and taste. The Ada Design and Concierge Teams work side by side to craft a one-of-a-kind creation.

Looking to Upgrade? 

Ada Diamonds Upgrade | Restore | Replicate service can restore your bridal set to it's original beauty, replace  missing stones and replicate your existing bands. Alternatively, you can work with our talented Diamond Concierge team to design an all new setting together.