The Girlfriend’s Guide to Lab Diamonds

The Girlfriend’s Guide to Lab Diamonds

What are Lab Diamonds?

  • Lab diamonds are pure carbon gemstones created in a laboratory. Our lab diamonds are chemically and optically indistinguishable from mined diamonds, but with a higher integrity supply chain and origin.
  • Lab diamonds are not the same thing as diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia or moissanite. They won’t fade, cloud, or change color.
  • Because lab diamonds are grown by recreating nature, they exhibit the same variations in color and clarity as mined diamonds. Lab diamonds are graded on the same 4Cs by the same independent gemological organizations (IGI, GCAL, and GIA).
  • Just like in mined diamonds, there are characteristics of a lab diamond not apparent on a grading report. Lab diamonds can vary in quality, even within the 4Cs.
  • Our lab diamonds look the same as mined diamonds, even to a trained eye. Lab diamonds are are able to be appraised, insured, and resold, just like mined diamonds.

Why Choose a Lab Diamond

Oval Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Ada Diamonds San Francisco

Known Origin

By refusing to use mined diamonds in our jewelry, we can guarantee that all the diamonds we offer are conflict free and in no way connected to the dubious diamond trade that continues to flourish to this day.

comparison of lab diamonds and earth mined diamonds

A Cleaner Purchase

The extraction of diamonds from the earth is fossil fuel intensive, environmentally damaging, and becoming less sustainable every year. Growing diamonds uses a fraction of that energy and does not contaminate fragile ecosystems in rivers and lakes.  

custom three stone emerald cut lab diamond engagement ring in platinum Ada Diamonds San Francisco, ca

Bigger, Better Diamonds

Ada’s clients are able to achieve a ~50% larger carat weight in lab grown over a comparable mined diamond of the same quality. Want a diamond you can be proud of? Lab grown offers the ability to go from unexceptional to extraordinary, carat for carat, price for price.  

lab diamond growth plates ada diamonds

Funding the Future

Your purchase of a lab diamond is directly supporting the development of high tech applications of diamonds. These applications are helping to advance the fields of medicine, renewable energy, space exploration, and computing.

oval pave lab diamond ring

Ada Diamonds: The Leader in Luxury Lab Grown Bridal

Ada Diamonds is the leading purveyor of luxury lab diamond bridal and fashion jewelry. Our specialty is quality, not quantity, and we treat each client engagement with the seriousness it deserves. Our concierge are lab diamond experts who will kindly, and patiently, guide you and your partner through your journey with an unparalleled commitment to excellence. After all, a purchase this important deserves an impeccable buying experience.

The after purchase experience is just as important as choosing the ring. Our clients are part of the Ada Diamonds’ family, privy to unique VIP discounts and programs, and a valued client for life. Our clients enjoy:

Proposal Settings

You know what kind of ring you want, and that’s amazing. But sometimes your partner would prefer to keep the proposal a surprise. Ada’s Proposal Setting program allows your partner to propose with a simple, beautiful solitaire. After the proposal, you can design forever, together. Receive full credit of the solitaire with no re-setting fee.

Reviews from Real Recipients

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Schedule a Couples Consultation

Schedule a Couples Consultation

Why We Recommend a Couple’s Consultation

It’s important for you and partner to be on the same page regarding lab grown diamonds, our process, and your budget. Our most successful client engagements are those where the decision maker/purchaser is involved from the start. This creates a smoother (and less awkward!) purchasing experience.

Why We Don’t Recommend Solo Consultations

We often hear from female prospective clients that they are going to select their own diamond ring and then send their partner a link to what they want. Trust us, girlfriend, that’s not a good idea. While your input is greatly appreciated, it’s best to involve your partner early. In order to serve as many clients as possible, we do require the purchaser be present for any in-person appointments.

Not Ready for a Consultation?

That’s Okay! When the timing is right, we’ll be here to help. In the meantime, please follow @AdaDiamonds for daily examples of our artistry!